Casement Windows.

Choose Weatherproof Windows & Doors for your custom, made to measure windows in a style perfectly suited for your home inside and out. We have a supreme range to choose from so whether its a modern contemporary style or traditional timber style for that hardwood asthetic look, we are confident that we will have windows to improve any home to give it the finished look with elegance. We focus on quality and style every time and install the best materials and we are always looking for new and traditional styles to suit everyones taste. As no house is the same, being able to design and measure the windows from scratch we are confident we can provide you with unbeatable service from start to finish. Every new replacement UPVC or Aluminium windows comes with top rated energy efficient double glazing and the highest security systems to match. As well as double glazing we also offer triple glazing for anyone wanting that little bit extra peace of mind with regards to energy efficiency. As with all our conservatories, windows and doors we fully install all of our products to an professional standard as would be expected from the best local window installer. Contact us for a free quotation today for the very best service.

Flush Sash Windows.

This beautiful new design gives the exterior of your window a flush appearance. The window closes flush into the outer frame, so it sits in line with the face of the window, rather than standing proud, meaning there?s no visible lip when looking at your window from outside. The result is an attractive, aesthetically pleasing appearance which gives your home a modern look similar to the contemporary, slim styling of aluminium windows and also a great replacement for a timber window replica. A style which is becoming increasingly popular, due to their neat clean lines and flat finish.

Tilt & Turn Windows.

Tilt & turn windows not only look beautiful but they are also a practical Upvc window, combining the ulitmate styling with a great ventilation setting and the ability for you to clean the outside of your windows easily. Turn the handle once and the window will tilt inwards allowing secure ventialtion into your property. Turn the handle twice and the window opens inwards on side hinges giving you access to the outside surface for easy cleaning and fire escape purposes.

Sliding Sash Windows.

Vertical sliding sash windows are renowned for their classic design and elegant appearance, and can add a touch of traditional charm to any home. Whether you are looking to replace your existing timber frames, or wish to have new windows installed entirely, Vertical Sliding windows will give you all the performance benefits of uPVC whilst being virtually indistinguishable from timber. Originally, sash windows were made using timber frames. Over time, original timber sash windows tend to present the same problems: rotting frames, rattling glazing, peeling paint and droughtiness. To combat these problems, window companies started manufacturing windows using uPVC. Modern uPVC sash windows are popular because they are energy efficient, long-lasting and basically maintenance-free. New uPVC windows are also more cost-effective than timber, and can be designed to look exactly the same as a traditional style window.

Residence Collection Windows.

Residence 9 has been specially and carefully developed to replicate traditional 19th Century timber window designs. Amalgamating a sophisticated flush exterior with a chic interior has resulted in a hugely appealing offering. Performance-wise, R9 far exceeds the usual benchmark as it has been subject to the most inventive design processes. Residence 9 has been designed and manufactured in the UK by some of the country’s most meticulous minds. It is influenced by some of the UK?s most impressive architectural feats and can be supplied to your exact requirements so that it effortlessly complements where you reside, whether that be in a stately home, Victorian house or new-build abode.

Aluminium Windows.

Aluminium windows are seen by many as the perfect combination of modern materials and classic, functional styling. The unrivaled strength, durability, and design flexibility of aluminium has made it an increasingly popular choice for window frames. These great benefits, combined with incredible affordability, means aluminium replacement windows is becoming ever more popular. Easily tailored to meet any window design, the strength of aluminium means frames can be made much thinner than with other materials. Sleek frames enable larger glass apertures, which in turn allows more natural light to enter your home. Understanding the importance of choice, our aluminium frames come in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes. Available in almost any colour you want, our aluminum frames undergo an extensive powder-coating process. This results in an incredibly deep, rich finish, and one which will continue to endure for many years. Recent developments in technology means we can also offer incredibly realistic woodgrain finished frames to enable homeowners to keep the traditional look of timber frames, while benefiting from modern levels of insulation and security at the same time.

Double Glazing

Your home will feel much improved following the installation of double glazing as it will feel far warmer than it did previously and be far better looking. Our extensive stylish range of windows offering is all available as double glazed units and will accommodate any home, whether traditional or modern. Double Glazing will save you an enormous amount of money on energy bills such is their level of performance when it comes to energy efficiency with argon gas cavity and warm edge spacer now supplied as standard and in terms of security, you couldn’t get a more reliable solution.

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