Conservatories From WeatherProof PVC

The Edwardian conservatory style features a front sloping roofflat front and a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. This makes the Georgian conservatory a really handy shape for laying out furniture and plants, with no wasted space. The Georgian conservatory typically has a high, sloping roof style that gives a spectacular vaulted effect. Your conservatory floods with light, making it a bright, airy and uplifting room. Georgian conservatories were originally built on period homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the style has been replicated on many neo-Georgian homes ever since. Own one and you’ve every right to feel posh, because the Georgian conservatory was originally the preserve only of those with style and the very rich who lived in stately homes. The Georgian conservatory was highly exclusive, coming as they did before the boom Victorian time for conservatories. So what was Georgian architecture like? The Georgian period, which covered 1714 to 1830, was highly symmetrical and proportionate and had its roots in the highly fashionable work of Andrea Palladio, a sixteenth-century Venetian architect. We can trace the symmetry and boldness of today’s Georgian conservatory back to this Palladian style.

The sharp crisp angled roof is softened by its facets providing a rounded and styled look. Whether you prefer three or five facets, equal sized or wide fronted styles, its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for all properties. Victorian Conservatories are made to your exact requirements – from the position of the doors to the colour of the frames – inside and out. The Victorian conservatory is available in: 3 Facet – a bay front that has three main windows that give a curved appearance, widely angled for maximum space. 5 Facet – a bay front with five main windows creating a more rounded appearance.

The Lean-to conservatory, or Mediterranean conservatory, is the simplest style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make them a popular conservatory for modern houses. This conservatory style will be ideal for you if you prefer the simple, understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom. Whether your lean-to conservatory is traditional or contemporary, the style is perfect for properties that have restricted space under the eaves, like a bungalow, or have an area that’s too awkward to accommodate a conservatory. This is because the pitch of the roof on lean to conservatories can vary – so a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house. Lean-to conservatories can also be called sunrooms or garden rooms, and they bring a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home, trapping the winter sunlight and converting it into heat through the glass. The simple shape of the lean-to conservatory gives you the maximum space in a highly economical style.

Solid Roof
Our solid roof conservatories and orangeries are the perfect solution to creating extended comfort inside your home regardless of the weather outside. Instead of the traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof that typically adorns the tops of conservatories and orangeries, a solid roof consists of tiles to give your conservatory extra strength and durability. A solid roof on your conservatory helps create a relaxed and private ambiance while also beautifully blending into the exterior of your home. Despite using some of the most advanced materials, solid roof conservatories are remarkably affordable, especially given the high quality. We are driven by our culture of customer satisfaction meaning that customers take priority in the whole process; from initial discussion to final installation. Alongside our low solid roof conservatories prices, we also offer you a host of options for your roofing. For instance, our tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to match your home. Solid roofs can be for a new conservatory or orangery or they can also replace your existing roofs. We can also offer a solid tile roof for your new garden room, sunroom or extension.

Orangeries come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to suit your home. Each orangery is manufactured bespoke to your home with impressively high ceilings to maximise space, thick pillars that provide both grandeur and privacy. Cutting-edge thermal technology in your roof will reward you with all-year-round comfort.

So, whether you opt for our traditional or modern orangeries, your brand-new room will stand out for all the right reasons. Orangeries have a very long history, having been used in Holland in the 17th century to orangeries in 14th-century in France, and the Romans had built glorified greenhouses many years before that. The word ‘orangery’ comes from the 16th century. Initially, these orangeries (as the collection of trees was known) stayed in the gardens. But, with the introduction of plant pots, they were brought indoors.

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